Clocks with a difference

Clocks with a difference

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Clocks shown below do not just  tell you the time; they act as showcase pieces. Come on, get yourself one of these. (They are excellent conversation starters ;) )

Some capture us just because they are so different:

like for example this clock by Jansen Lye which tells us time not by needles but by its rim.

Tik Tak clock designed by Niels van Eijik and Miriam van der Lubbe tells us the time by arranging the digits of varying sizes on one or more metal arms on the dial, though how, would require more careful examination.

another concept by Fluke which separates out the seconds minutes and hours.

Some clocks understand that we are counting the hours and waiting for just the right time…

(Perfect for Office!)

Some give us subtle messages about the the environment…

then again, some are not that subtle…

Some tells us the time in words:

Designed by Christiaan Postma these random match stick like fragments arrange themselves to form words that tell time!

and some are just pretty good to look at:

by Susanne Philippson

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