Spaces for Pets Inside Homes

Spaces for Pets Inside Homes

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All this while, we have been posting about how to make your home beautiful and make it a more beautiful place for YOU to live in. Have you ever thought about your pets? Ever wondered how they find your home and whether it is comfortable for them to live too? No? Here is your chance then. Take a look at some of these solutions that provide comfortable spaces for pets and yet remain attractive and stylish for you to watch.

We will start off with dogs then. Denhaus is a firm specializing on creating designer crates for dogs. Crates come in a variety of materials including fiberglass, metal and wood.

[via Freshome]

The Refined Feline is another company that does the same service for cats. Their designs not just stop with crates.

This beautiful wood cat litter box is both sturdy and functional. It includes hinged doors, sliding tray for litter removal, top storage drawer, and reversible walls for left or right entry. Constructed in pine wood and ply with pine veneer. Matches your home decor and hides unsightly litter trays.

The Kitt-In Box is a cat bed which can attach to the side of a desk or be placed on top it. Felt pads protect the desk top. Cats are drawn to the soft cushion bed and the high walls, which are perfect for nesting. The Kitt-In Box can support a 20 lbs cat and even small dogs!

Is your cat more adventurous? How about shelves then?

by Nefarious Cupcake

Or Towers?

If you have a pair of really lazy ones, how about this?

by Missie Maven

Here is a home that by design is suited for playful cats.

Here is another home that is really considerate to its resident cats. Includes open air catwalks, cat doors, separate bathrooms(!), and a playful nooks throughout. That is one cat friendly owner!


If you thought that was the ultimate cat home, check out the one below. We don’t know about you, but if we find a cat home that has plexiglass windows, 2.5 inch sheepskin rug, a front porch, and paintings hung inside we call that Deluxe!

by Leo

Enough with cats, then. Let’s start birds.

(We promise, that’s a birdhouse!)

(bird feed)

Okay, here is a rather bizarre bird cage. Actually, the cage itself is not too odd. It is just its placement – in the middle of a fishtank!

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