House On A Cliff!

House On A Cliff!

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Imagine waking up to a tender blue sky with sunshine radiating through the clouds and the smell of fresh grass and tress wafting through your windows. The need for a masseuse evaporates into thin air as the senses in your body are caressed and rejuvenated. Every tensed muscle goes back in shape and every sore part of your body is charged with energy again.

Surrounded by nature on all sides, this house on a cliff becomes a safe haven for anyone wishing to take a break from the hectic city life or those who wish to take a romantic trip.

You can come here, live the good life and take in the essence of living with nature.

This house rests at Buchupureo, VIII Region, Chile. Although it was built on a moderate budget, this house on a cliff successfully incorporated natural as well as contemporary elements with ease.

Nestled far away in a land that is still unclaimed by civilization, the view from the house in breath taking, to say the least. This house is surely one of it’s kind, but keep a look out for some more scintillating designs here.

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