Googles Sydney Office

Googles Sydney Office

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It is nothing new and we have seen them before. Google offices do make people go green with envy and at times make them rethink their choice of a workplace. This awe that it creates on a viewer is no accident. In fact, it is part of a bigger business plan. Google is one of the first companies in the valley that focused on an ‘ultimate employee experience’ and it is one of the reasons why the industry elites flocked to it in huge numbers during its early days. Even today, Google believes in creating truly special work environments. Take for instance their new Sydney office. One glance at these images, and you feel it is all there. Be it the vertical garden at the reception or the cricket pitch inside the office, everything oozes ‘googleness’. Watch this video where the lead designer of Google’s Sydney office (Angela Ferguson, of Futurespace) talks about the approach they took during this project.

If you are too lazy to watch the video, here are some image captures…

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