5 Awesome Architectural Videos

5 Awesome Architectural Videos

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Here are a set of 5 beautiful videos that just might give you a clue as to what outlandish ideas architects push to their clients these days. Today, as more and more of them are given the license to try out ‘something-that-has-never-been-done-before’, the concepts are now getting bolder than ever. Though these ideas may be limited to public structures like stadiums and pavilions currently, these are a taste of things to come.

Enjoy the show. (If you are reading this through email, visit this link to view the videos: 2010/04/5-awesome-architectural-videos)

King Abdullah II House of Culture Arts

Sendai Mediatheque

Finland Pavilion

Oscar NIEMEYER Auditorium

Chanel Mobile Art Container

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Watch the video: An Awesome Architectural Visualization Video (July 2022).


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