Idea Paint: Turn Your Whole Home Into a Big White Board!

Idea Paint: Turn Your Whole Home Into a Big White Board!

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Need more creative space? Need space for messages, or the kids to color? Maybe you have an office where no one ever seems to find a white board convenient? Or maybe you’re worried about chalk dust ending up in kids’ lungs rather than on the chalkboard. Check out IdeaPaint which turns anything you paint it on into a dry erase surface – basically a giant whiteboard.

Some office applications show below: (as wall decor, conference room board, brainstorming)

If you can sketch, IdeaPaint can really work magic for your home.

Comes in handy for classrooms too.

It is a tad expensive though at $4 per square foot; but if you don’t mind that, go for it!

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Watch the video: Idea Paint Turns Your Surface into a Dry Erase Board - (August 2022).