Tropical Oceanfront Villa Offers A Vacation Retreat

Tropical Oceanfront Villa Offers A Vacation Retreat

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Nestled in the richest coastal region of Phuket Thailand, stands a four story luxury villa waiting to be occupied by the most fortunate dreamers. Thailand’s own architect Charupan Wiriyawiwatt created a heavenly retreat hosting a bedroom suite on every floor that boasts it’s own seascape deck with front row seats to the Andaman Sea. With a gorgeous open plan kitchen, living and dining area you can entertain while luxuriating for your entire stay if you wanted to! The interiors are dressed in modern contemporary furnishings and dazzled with rich colorful accents that remind you (in case you forget) you are surrounded by the lushest tropics on the island. Check out these breathtaking spaces and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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