Beachfront House in California

Beachfront House in California

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An architectural beauty sits on the Pacific coast of Southern California where the blue ocean and sky provide all the color you need. It could be why this modern beach house is dressed in white from head to toe. Or perhaps architects Richard Meier and Michael Palladino left it up to the clients high-end art collection to do all the coloring. This home is a beautiful representation of intelligent design caused by the desire to create an interior/exterior experience with glass ceilings and walls throughout the home as well as an unobstructed view of the sea from the highway. With 4,280-square-feet of heavenly space and a massive view of the ocean, we don’t see any reason to ever want to leave…

Gorgeous stream lined architectural details define the courtyard which has been designed for a private oasis.

A double decker living room with supported glass walls provides optimum sunlight to reflect the suspended sculptural art piece- how dreamy…

Artwork as the focal point is the staple of a modern home and these guys do it BIG.

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