Carriage House takes on a Marvelous Renovation

Carriage House takes on a Marvelous Renovation

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New York City’s prime real estate brings us a newly renovated Carriage House in downtown Manhattan that is now on the market for your drooling pleasure. It took 2 years to complete the major overhaul and now the entire rear wall of this building is dressed in glass walls and provides marvelous views from each of the 5 floors of this home. The interior design has sophisticated contemporary modern sensibility with a color scheme of blues and greens. Although this historic building has a bit of a commercial feel from the textiles and materials used for the large scale open floor plan and colossal 18′ ceilings, the lofty space still feels welcoming and well…residential.

This Carriage House can be yours for a measly 19 million dollars! Anyone?


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