Love Themed Hotel in Tokyo

Love Themed Hotel in Tokyo

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Hotels only wish they could be this creative in their attempt to lure guests. Well maybe the hotel we feature today will give them something to think about. The LLove Hotel was temporarily created for Tokyo Designers Week 2010, fully equipped with a theater room, cafe, gift shop and book store! Creating an exhibition throughout the hotel was actually the designers’ way of commemorating 400 years of trade and a cultural relationship between Japan and the Netherlands. Jo Nagasaka of Sschemata did a wonderful job of taking cultural and artistic elements from both countries and making a unique and memorable gallery out of every one of the 14 guest rooms. And every room has a completely different aesthetic but the theme remains the same- Love! Hey, all the designers are doing it, and staying at this gem as they transit in and out of LLove to experience an exquisite design collection. So without further adieu, please feel the love that was put into designing all of these interesting spaces…

Via Yatzer

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