Really Regal Interiors

Really Regal Interiors

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This royal flush of regal interior visualizations, designed by Uglyanitsa Alexander, knocked us off our seats with the all-encompassing richness of fabrics and classically designed furniture pieces that look as though they have escaped from a sprawling stately home in the country.

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The frilliness of this style will not be for everyone, a minimalist would be ripping down those curtain swags and boxing in the padded pillars before they’d even put the kettle on, but those who appreciate the finer, fancier things in life will go all giddy for this unabashed show of wealth.

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Highly reflective floor tiles bounce light around the high styled, high class home, trimmed by deeply decorative coving and a central ceiling rose. Silver quilted pillars continue the shiny show, adding even more opulence to a luxurious lounge that comes complete with a detailed cathedral sized religious mural, sandwiched between a bronze wall and gold ceiling treatment.

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The specially selected furniture is crafted to include detail upon detail, with each piece demanding more adoration than the next, and a huge chandelier provides the crowning glory.

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Every inch of the layout is decorated in patterned relief, from the window surround and swirling fireplace in the living room, to the wall panels and cupboard facing in the bedroom.

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