Christmas Mantel Decor Inspiration

Christmas Mantel Decor Inspiration

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The fireplace mantel offers one of the most popular Christmas décor canvases in the home. There is nothing quite like a beautifully decorated mantel set above a crackling fire to add a festive warmth to a room. Popular decorative elements include garlands, ribbons, candles and stockings. Were in love with the mantels shared below, we hope they inspire a few Christmas mantel décor ideas of your own.

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Sometimes simplicity makes the biggest impact. This Christmas mantel is dressed with common martini glasses with an inset of ornament and rose surrounded by petite votives and draped with a garland of traditional mistletoe.

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Christmas cards become charming mantel décor along with a simple white lighted wreath.

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This gorgeously stunning mantel décor pulls colors from the room into the heavily laden garland full of pine cones, ribbons, mirrored balls, trailing vines and golden leaves.

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A contemporary mantel gets dressed with a simple silver wreath flanked by two stark Christmas trees.

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From the red stockings to the pine garland to the classic scrollwork fireplace screen, everything about this lovely scene captures the magic of Christmas tradition.

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Let nature speak for itself like this single garland of greenery placed on the mantel.

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