Hip, Young Personal Profiles Inspire L.A. Loft Decor

Hip, Young Personal Profiles Inspire L.A. Loft Decor

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With savvy, highly informed home buyers carefully considering their options and taking their time to buy, design firm Incorporated NY amped their post-construction marketing to a whole new level. After surveying the individuals drawn to the L.A. neighborhood in which they built their Gallery Lofts, they chose three relevant characters to tell the story of life in their newest collection. Their choice? A creative young single woman, an active single young man, and a newly married progressive couples tastes and interest are reflected in the three model lofts.Â

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The young single male’s open floor plan kitchen/dining/living space gets a shot of high dose of masculinity with industrial strength materials such as stainless steel, graphite cabinets and rustic wood floors.

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Creative and sophisticated, the single young female required a space to nurture and accommodate her artsy pursuits as seen in the sewing room fitted with plenty of work and storage space.

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The bedroom in the couple’s loft reflects an comfortable, open mindset with the bedroom freely opening into the living space. The sunflower walls offer a hint of femininity among other more manly elements.

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