Modern Style Architectural Renders

Modern Style Architectural Renders

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These modernistic home renders from Materica D­_sign cover a spectrum of design styles to inspire your own space, including country-chic cozy, open plan loft, and minimalist mansion.

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Bringing notes of nature into your home always create a look that is filled with life and freshness.

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A monochrome décor scheme is always striking and relatively simple to achieve. The greatest thing about starting off with a basic black and white base is that if you become bored with your two-tone lifestyle it is extremely easy to add accent colors to, and you can go as bright as you like without fear of clashing!

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This country style home displays how to play with the shades of your chosen room hue, a much more interesting look is created when playing through the whole spectrum rather than settling on and sticking to one mundane shade. Distressed furniture also brings a lot of character and age to a room.

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Surrounding your chosen color in lots of fresh white always makes it pop more, and a continuous color story throughout an open plan space creates a cohesive look.

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When choosing a gallery white backdrop, it’s often a good idea to go for darker notes in your furniture, and choose pieces that command centre stage in your simple scheme.

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