Edgeland House Returns to the Earth

Edgeland House Returns to the Earth

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If Zaha Hadids Capital Hill, created for Naomi Campbell and commissioned by Russian billionaire, Vladislav Doronin, is the Mothership then Bercy Chen Studios Edgeland House, overlooking the Colorado River is, at the very least, a Puddle Jumper. Though the size of the Edgeland House project is meager compared to Hadids monster (or monstrosity as opinion dictates), they share an investment, not only in futuristic aesthetics, but eco-centric design. Edgelands commitment to both its immediate environment and the planet is founded in ancient architectural ideology. Edgeland is a beautiful and highly sophisticated reconstruction of a Native American Pit-house.

Watch the video: Blender Time-lapse Video - Edgeland House - Part 2:: Texture (August 2022).