Four Breathtaking Greek Villas

Four Breathtaking Greek Villas

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While there are many luxurious villas in Greece with astounding seascape views, countless amenities and extraordinary architecture all promising days, weeks and months of vacationing and relaxation, we found four that we fell in love with. Villa Begonia, touted as one of the most exclusive and luxurious of the villas in the Mediterranean. Villa Eudokia, a secluded gem of a complex overlooking the Ionian Sea. The Athenian-inspired Villa Kalliopi on the bay of Kalafatis with its curvy architecture. And lastly the cliff-dwelling Villa Delphina poised on an outcrop jutting out over Mirtos Bay and lovingly furnished by its owners, a pair of world travelers with an affinity for collectibles.

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Considered one of the most exclusive and luxurious villas in the Mediterranean, Villa Begonia is surrounded by the sea while its myriad of courtyard water features abound.

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Two indoor and outdoor pools sit within the formal living room complete with piano and views of the sea beyond.

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A retracting wall opens the master bedroom to the vast water views beyond and another of the villa’s pools.

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The largest of the pools offers more privacy for guests than the Villa’s other pools and features multiple water features.

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The master bath suite boasts a stone wall and warm lighting for a wonderful bathing experience.

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With room to sleep 10 guests, Villa Eudokia consists of three separate holiday villas in one complex overlooking Ionian Sea and encompassing its own private beach.

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Among its many amenities the main house features a play room, media room, billiards room, sky lounge and multiple swimming pools.

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The main living area accesses an infinity pool and large lounge area with sea views.

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Brightly colored outdoor furnishings allow for sunbathing and lounging while taking in the beauty of the view beyond.

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The Villa’s interior areas pay homage to the local style while entertaining an innovative modern twist. Windows in every room bring the beauty of the surrounding seascape indoors and provide amply sunlight for a bright and cheery ambiance.

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Once an abandoned house, Villa Delphina is now a luxurious vacation home set above the coastline of Mirtos Bay.

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At the tip of the property is a small yet deep infinity pool poised over the cliffs beyond.

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The villa’s interior reflects the owners love for travel, interior design and art with a menagerie of collectibles and artifacts on display throughout.

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The outdoor living areas of the villa have been left intentionally bare sans decorative elements so the beauty of the surrounding seascape and wild lands could be enjoyed without distraction.

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The living room boasts brightly colored upholstered furnishings, a cozy fireplace and plentiful windows.

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A group of famous Athenian architects were recruited to renovate this luxurious summer villa with all the modern conveniences without losing its local character.

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The exterior walls of Villa Kalliopi are curved to soften the structure against the harsh Cycladic landscape. The main home is a series of multi-level cubes sat one on top of the other.

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Multiple terraces extend off main rooms and wrap around the structure of the villa. Many hidden light features illuminate the swimming pool and pergola areas.

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A minimalist white decor provides a relaxed serene ambiance. The small living room allows for intimate conversations or sitting quietly with a favorite book.

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The main entrance leads into the semi-open space living area beyond featuring stone room partitions and wood ceiling treatments.

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