Bangkok House With A Unique Take On Privacy

Bangkok House With A Unique Take On Privacy

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This modern private residence sits within a Bangkok neighborhood which has one prevailing rule: no fences or walls. The homes within the community must be boundless around their perimeters which means each house must be designed in a self-contained way to permit for optimal privacy. Thai-based architecture and design firm, The Department of Architecture took on the free-range house challenge with stunning results of interior verandas within courtyards and hidden gems of outdoor/indoor spaces with each flowing one into the next.

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The modern house’s exterior shows a boundless lawn filled with trees and greenery but no fences or walls.

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A lounge area within the modern complex is created with an eye towards nature.

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An internal sleek, brilliantly lit passageway boasts access to the home’s interior spaces on every side.

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This view shows some of the exterior barriers and dividing walls used within the home’s complex created for privacy.

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Another internal passageway leads to a room beyond with a small lounge area. It is open to the walkway above.

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An interior landing is created with walls of glass to stream light and nature indoors.

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Metal slats are used as visual dividers between the interior and exterior and adjacent outdoor living spaces.

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An outdoor living room created for dining uses a slatted wall and natural greenery for privacy.

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The main outdoor living space features a dining area, lounge area and conversation area set amongst natural and man made privacy barriers.

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The dining area off the main interior living space boasts a beautifully finished wood floors and metal clad exterior.

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A small private lounge area is set atop a cedar platform and among tall green hedges for privacy.

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Retracting glass walls allow for boundless enjoyment from the home’s interior living spaces to its exterior living spaces.

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