External Sitting Areas

External Sitting Areas

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By Rebecca Macaulay

The outdoor room is not a new concept. It is merely a new term given to that, which is created by the engaging medium of landscape architecture. However, it is the expression that best describes these projects from Rolling Stone Landscapes, which illustrate the versatility of external spaces and provide inspiration to be adopted by gardens wanting of a clear narrative or focal point.

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The garden belonging to this leisurely modern home ambles as a continuation of its open plan living and dining area. It is a space within a space within a space. There exists a clearly defined, covered outdoor kitchen and food preparation area as an extension of the main structure, an additional outdoor dining setting built into the far garden wall, complete with minimally styled wooden bench and tamed over-hanging greenery, a glass paneled pool area and a spectacular sunken lounge.

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The sunken lounge really is the hero of this space. Equipped with in-built fireplace and attractive log storage the heavily textured, carved stone wall, together with manicured hedging serves to appropriately isolate the lounge from the greater garden. Soft furnishings in contrasting navy and white, compliment the slate of the wall and steps by which the lounge is accessed. A single coffee table is positioned in its centre and opposite the luxurious addition of a permanent icebox housing chilled champagne.

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Unlike the comparatively symmetrical and even natured space that came before it, this external living area heavily features a custom designed pool that mimics the flow of the house’s exterior. Following the lines of the space, the pool and garden beds lead to a white covered lounge with avocado accents, accessed by stepping platforms that rise out of the water and compliment the sedimentary look of the boundary wall.

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