Villa V by Paul de Ruiter Architects

Villa V by Paul de Ruiter Architects

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The Villa V, designed by Paul de Ruiter, sits in the countryside of Bloemendaal, Netherlands. This modern house was built to preserve as much of the surrounding landscape as possible. To this end, a basement was excavated and the house set into the side of a hill. Large sliding glass walls on the upper and lower levels allow natural light to flood its interior. Interior glass walls allow that light flow through the house from one side to other. The interior is an organic mix of neutral palettes, rich textured wood and concrete.

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Gorgeous globe lights made of string illuminate the stairwell beyond the living room. The modern sofa adds texture to the space with rough wool upholstery as does the deep pile shag rug in shades of gray.

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Sliding doors hide a small kitchenette with sink and pantry. A black dining table and chairs contrast nicely with the raw wood of the fireplace surround.

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The dining room shows another raw wood accent this time in form of display shelving and storage.

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The villa is shown in here in all its nighttime splendor with every room alight.

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This nighttime exterior view shows the villa’s upper level of bedrooms and bathroom.

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Glass walls at the front of the house allow natural light to flood its rooms and provide a view of the countryside beyond.

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The villa’s stairwell is at its center with a large skylight flooding light down through the levels.

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The villa kitchen boast sleek modern grey cabinetry and black counter tops. While it is compact, the kitchen still allows for plenty of room to cook while visiting with company or family.

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A seating area of modern designer chairs with arch chrome lamp chiming in from above over a round coffee table.

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Glass walls in the villa’s interior allow light to flow through the rooms from one side to another.

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