Five Apartments by Koj Design [Visualized]

Five Apartments by Koj Design [Visualized]

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Impressed by Koj Designs visualization talents, were featuring  five more contemporary apartments and houses by principal interior designer Nguygen Duy Khanh (aka Koj.) This collection runs the gamet between contemporary neutral rooms to ultra small spaces to vivid-hued apartments. Each one unique, each one exuding a different elemental appeal.

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Classic Eames Bikini chairs surround the kitchen table made of light natural wood with double X-base construction. A funky sputnik chandelier gives a nod to retro design.

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The living spaces floors appear almost as if they are covered in freshly fallen snow adding a frosty element to the space.

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The eat-in kitchen offers a warm inviting environment to enjoy breakfast. The moody cabinetry and counter tops contrast nicely the room’s white elements.

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A gallery art wall adds height above a low-profile sofa taking the eye upward toward the soaring ceiling.

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A mid-century modern armchair offers a comfy place to relax and read by a large window.

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A built-in media center offers ample storage and display options in this modern living room. The contrast between the dark wall and floors and white furnishings offers a nice balance.

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An upright vintage piano adds a fun element to the rather serious modern decor in the dining room.

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Sometimes its the little details that make or break a room’s decor. Here a single red carnation and bowl of limes adds a lively element of color and nature to the otherwise neutral space.

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A low-profile modern buffet sets opposite the dining table providing much needed storage and display surfaces.

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The master bedroom exudes a comfort-minded character with plus bedding in a myriad of pattern and texture and a plush leather armchair set by the window.

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The high-shine concrete floor adds a dazzling visual element to the dining area as it bounces light off it and around the space.

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The living room is raised to delineate space between dining area and conversation area. The brilliant yellow is carried through to the media surround.

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Vivid yellow plays out on a segmented wall above the bed providing a dynamic element in this light-filled bedroom.

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