Contemporary Tower House

Contemporary Tower House

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This award-winning architectural wonder combines a medieval-inspired tower with a minimalist addition for a house that finds it an oft-used location for films and photo shoots. Found on PrimeShootLocations, the house boasts an uber-chic, clutter-free interior design filled with natural light and modern furnishings in an all white palette. While it doesnt have a large exterior foot print, the interior holds five generous bedrooms and bathrooms including a master with soaring ceilings and a mezzanine bathroom.

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Concrete pavers lead the way to the tower house from the garden.

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An inviting deck with modern lounge and dining furniture provides the perfect spot for entertaining and relaxing.

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The tower’s exterior is resplendent when all rooms are alight in the night.

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The tower’s original stairwell captures the darkside of the tower not seen in its other contemporary additions.

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A music room sits in one of the circular rooms of the tower itself. A cream-colored modern sectional provides ample seating in the tiny space.

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Twin vivid red sofas arranged symmetrically in between four identical floor lamps with suspended fireplace in the center.

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The tower’s ultra-sleek modern kitchen in white provides plenty of space for the home chef with ample workspace and storage.

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An enormous string globe light fixture echoes the large round table below while a baby grand piano sits tucked into a corner of the open space living area.

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The master bedroom is filled with natural textures from woven rug to linen-look draperies and bedding. The bed’s headboard is dynamically lit from behind.

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Red table lamps offer a pop of color in this all white minimalist bedroom.

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A soaking tub sits atop two aged wood blocks adding a touch of rustic charm to the bath area.

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Glass blocks offer naturally lighting in the master shower with its luxury fixtures of rain shower head and multi-directional wall heads.

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