Apartment Designs Shown With Rendered 3D Floor Plans

Apartment Designs Shown With Rendered 3D Floor Plans

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Today we feature the work of 3D modeling and texture artist Shako Gurgenidze and CG artist Dmitriy Schuka. They have created a series of beautiful 3D apartment plans that give you a view of the entire home in just one visual. Each 3D rendering shows entire one-floor apartment spaces that are fully decorated complete with wall art, bright paint, furnishings and fixtures, even patio space for some. Some of the designs are the same concept, but carried throughout one or two bedroom apartments to show how the design can be used in various sized spaces.

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The common feature in Dmitriy’s designs is that each of them has a recreation room/foyer, which would be hard to find in any apartment because of the lack of space. These rooms show a large amount of sports equipment being stored including skis, snowboards, skateboards, and more. It shows how his designs still have a great amount of storage space and that they would work for people with an active and adventurous lifestyle.

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Designs 1 2 are simple, with neutral colors and resemble a bachelor pad for a young man.

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3,4 and 5 are the complete opposite with pop art and bright colors in the furniture and walls.

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6,7 and 8 have different color blends in green carpets and blue chairs with wall paper in intricate designs.

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9, 10 and 11 show a classic Victorian style with deep burgundy and classically designed furniture.

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12, 13 and 14 are designs with a lot of texture in the brick walls and hardwood floors. These types of design would be typically found in an industrial styled loft building.

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Dmitriy finishes it off with another white toned design with an open concept living area.

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Shako Gurgenidze’s designs have a different feature in common: the outdoor patio space. The green space really makes these designs shine with beautiful patios that add more living space to the apartment design. His designs feature white walls and light hardwood floors. Much of the furnishings are also done in wood and keep the feel of his designs very natural. His layouts are significantly larger than those of Dmitriy and provide a much more lavish apartment design because of this. A family could live comfortably in the layouts he designed.

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His final design is of a fully-functional rooftop patio that makes a great entertainment space for the potential residents of the building.

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