Minimialist House Blends Easily with Natural Surroundings

Minimialist House Blends Easily with Natural Surroundings

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The aesthetic appeal of minimalism can also be impractical at times. But this highly geometric and simple house brings in elements of nature while still offering comfortable livability in its interior as well as its interspersed patios.

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Whether a bookworm or a professional with a home office, this glass wall looking out onto an interior garden from a massive built-in bookshelf is sure to insprie envy.The simplicity of this minimalist house makes it the perfect place to live a Zen existence while still having the beauty of modern conveniences at your fingertips.

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This interior garden may be small but the way that it is perfectly integrated with the surrounding walls make it more of an oasis than an afterthought. Glass walls mean that the lush greenery is on view from many different angles, nearly serving to bring the outdoors inside.

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There are also those areas that more than encourage the act of enjoying the outdoors without leaving home. Platform beds on an expansive slate patio make the outdoor space just as much a part of the home as the interior.

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Inside the house, sun and nature continue to flow. An open floor plan makes it easy to move from room to room while Eames-inspired chairs put their modern mark on every corner. A collection of simple, low furniture put the focus on the comfort of the moment rather than the specifics of the room.

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Even the bathroom of this minimalist home puts design on the forefront. This simple, sunken bathroom looks out over the surrounding landscape. To bathe while looking to the outdoors is the ultimate in luxury while the smooth, unadorned design is

Design: Minimum Arquitectura

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