Sparkling Urban Apartment Design

Sparkling Urban Apartment Design

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Living in an urban environment while raising children can be a struggle. High-rise apartments simply dont offer the room to run, play, and be a kid that suburban homes can. But one modern couple has risen to the challenge with their cozy, modern apartment that uses whimsical and colorful touches to add a fun and playful flair to an otherwise simple, and admittedly small, space.

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The main living area is essentially one big room, divided more by furniture and feel than by walls and doors. A large and well-equipped kitchen has a dining table built into its center island, saving space while still allowing a place to entertain. Sun from the small balcony comes pouring in and illuminates the many bright white surfaces in the kitchen and small home office area.

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Modern couples need modern work accommodations, including two separate computers. This creative solution features a work bar with plenty of overhead and underfoot storage, making it easy to keep the area clean so that whoever is working there can focus.

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The two boys have their own room and while it may feature a bit more white than a typical little boy’s bedroom, the playful animal and name decals give the boys ownership of this area. Of course, no child’s room would be completely without storage cubbies for shoes and toys, which here sits right underneath the window.

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The parents need a space of their own, too. A simple bed with clean white linens ties back into the living room with the same throw pillow designs. A special, simple retreat.

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This living room could just as easily belong to a playful bachelor as a growing family. Neutral and clean furnishings are accented with whimsical touches, including a mushroom footstool and funny dog-print throw pillows. This is both a place for adults to relax and for kids to enjoy.

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