Modern Japanese House

Modern Japanese House

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Japanese culture is known to praise efficiency, which comes forth in many different ways. One of the most obvious, that these photos explore, is the way in which a traditional Japanese house is situated. Without much square footage, this largely wood-paneled home manages to make space for every essential part of a house, without wasting any area. From hidden tables to tucked away kitchens, the house is decidedly efficient and overwhelmingly serene.

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The entry to the home features glass walls and a sunken patio. Light can filter into the house’s main room or be kept out with neutral shades that are much more effective than decorative.

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In one of the most interesting pieces of design in this small home, the dining table is actually sunken into the floor and can be tucked completely away when not in use. This gives the house’s occupants the option to use this empty room for any number of other activities including sleep, study, or meditation.

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The dining room-cum-living area also features an overhead bamboo-style light fixture, which provides gentle and diffuse light and is flanked on either side by traditional Japanese paper and wood room dividers.

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These dividers, known as shoji, have either paper or, in many modern homes a type of plastic, that is pulled over a wood or bamboo frame. The resulting walls can slide open and closed easily and give a sense of privacy if not the total sound and lightproof walls that many western homes may be used to.

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The small kitchen has its own accordion divider that can be slid closed and keep the sights and smells of the kitchen completely out of view.

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The living area serves a dual purpose. The mounted television provides area for entertainment while the convertible bed/sofa is a place for entertaining as well as sleep.

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