Matthew Perrys Malibu Beach House

Matthew Perrys Malibu Beach House

While blockbuster stars like Mel Gibson may get the most attention for living along the beach in Malibu, it seems there is also room for the occasional sitcom star. Due to some secretive negotiations, it has only recently been reported that former Friends star Matthew Perry purchased a beachfront home in the famous neighborhood two years ago, for around $12 million. The four-bedroom home sits so close to the water that at high tide, the ocean actually rushes underneath the cantilevered structure.

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Gated off from the road, guests have to come in through a gate and courtyard before even getting to the front door. But once inside the home, you have to ask: could this entry BE any more spectacular? Sitting right on the ocean, visitors get views from any angle along with the ocean sounds and smells that create a luxurious climate all around.

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Chandler’s third nipple may have been just as superfluous as the other two, but the kitchen island in this home has more than one use. The expansive countertop is perfect for preparing fresh seafood while built in storage can hold kitchen utensils, cookbooks, or just a few carefully chosen seashells.

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With a home that’s so close to the ocean, the crashing waves act as a built in white noise machine, perfect for unwinding from a day on set or even recovering from a phone call with Janice.

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Monica would certainly appreciate the home’s gleaming white baths, letting the Pacific sunlight up every spotless surface.

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Most would certainly consider these bedroom views of the Pacific as a step up from balcony views of Ugly Naked Guy, trading exposed ceiling beams for exposed man parts.

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Whether Perry is hosting a very special Thanksgiving episode or just a private Friends reunion, this dining table with hairpin legs and matching bench is the perfect setting.

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Image Courtesy: The Levin Group

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