Striking Home Visualizations by Pavel Vetrov

Striking Home Visualizations by Pavel Vetrov

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If your home is crying out for a unique blend of sophistication with a dash of fun flavour, then these four apartments, visualized by Pavel Vetrov, just might give you the right hint. With tasteful lounge décor, dashing dining spaces and lavish bathroom ideas this feature is buzzing with inspiration for unique home style. Lets take a look...

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The first apartment has the foundations of a monochrome dream, with striking black and white chevron rug, and snow-white sofa and accent chairs. However, as you wander a little further into the scheme warm notes appear in the form of purposefully placed red home accessories such as a large plant pot and a scattering of rosy vases in the display nooks of the built in bookcase.

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On the opposite wall, two thin shelves and a contemporary glass clock pick up the color scheme.

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Red is evident in this home design too, but this time against a much softer neutral surround. A taupe sofa works softly against a smooth gray palette on the walls, and walnut flooring underfoot.

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Across the window wall a fresh white desk takes advantage of natural light, and the idea is echoed in the dining area.

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Glossy units reflect the daylight, bringing a sparkling clean look to the cooking zone.

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In this relaxing scheme, black and white notes sharpen up the natural toned larger pieces. The eye travels across the open plan room, resting upon the contrasting items-moving from monochrome coffee table, to chairs, to kitchen.

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The shining kitchen appears almost as a performance stage on its step up from the rest of the apartment-where diners will await for a cooking show!

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A large letterbox shaped fireplace stretches across the chimney breast, warming the serious living room scheme.

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This small bathroom has big ideas; bright blue led lighting trims the perimeter of the ceiling and vanity mirror, and underlines a glass sided bath tub-giving the impression that the bather is floating.

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The last space holds a quirky collection, including a rustic antler light, antique piano and a modern sunshine yellow kitchen-in this eclectic space, anything goes!

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There are so many ways to decorate an unused fireplace. You could add an ornate fireplace screen, paint the interior a bold accent color, or use the strategy implemented here – install a dramatic arrangement of candles.

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