Roof Gardens

Roof Gardens

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Take a deep breath of cool clear air as you gaze out at the sky above a city horizon, from these fresh rooftop gardens by Amir Schlezinger of My Landscapes Garden Design. We can almost hear the distant hum of traffic below between the twinkling streetlights!

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We love the feathery privacy screening created by the border of leafy green plants in this one, as well as the tropical jungle-like borders to make you feel as though you are sunbathing in the rainforest rather than perched above a concrete jungle. The decking runs from edge to edge, giving this space the feeling of an indoor room.

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This built-in waterfall will create soothing sounds, whilst the glow from the lighting effects evokes a feeling of warmth whilst outdoors. Benches around the perimeter provide seating for contemplation.

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Soft furnishings bring interior comforts outside.

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This roof patio provides a perfect platform for al fresco dining with guests. A piece of sculpture brings a touch of sophistication to the look.

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Concrete planters create a contemporary image, and look amazing with some creative lighting. Isn’t this just the perfect place to throw back a well earned cocktail at the end of a tough working day?

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Planters can also be built right into the patio to blur the edges between zones. Note the beautiful selection of different colored leaves; not all color in a garden needs to come from flowers. In this design the built-in bench has been utilized as extra seating at the table-great for unexpected guests!

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Architectural plants, bamboo and palms looks terrific with up-lighters at the root of the design.

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Check out this curved deck! The effect is seamless, and the shape is cunningly reflected in the curvaceous green planter too.

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Levels look great on roof gardens too, where decks end to make way for concrete pathways-and don’t forget the led lighting to nicely mark the edge, and warn wanderers to watch their step!

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These modern outdoor chairs are pushed together to create a cozy gathering space, making the most of a small garden footprint.

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