Home Decorating with Modern Art

Home Decorating with Modern Art

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The décor scheme of any room can be pulled together enormously be a single piece of striking wall art, and we can find shining examples of this theory in this collection of interior shots, that feature large and colorful works of modern art by Mark Lawrence of Alpharetta Georgia.

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To begin with a neutral palette, like this creamy sofa and rug ensemble, we can see that the series of swatches across the canvass picks up not only the paler hues, but works through the spectrum to tie in every shade right through to the black accent cushions. Of course, your wall art doesn’t have to appear as a spectrum, but look for pieces that work all the way though your color story, from light to dark.

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On the other hand, your wall art can introduce color to your room that was never there to begin with, but will become a welcome addition by adding a vibrancy to the overall look. By keeping the artwork more on the abstract side, you do not risk introducing too many new themes along with your new splash of color. The solitary bowl beneath, in a contrasting color, works well here.

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Modern art doesn’t have to be harsh, this example has a soft, femininity to it.

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We love the hit of vibrancy created by the matching indigo art and scatter cushions in this example, the pop is very unexpected in a stark white room.

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A green accent piece breathes fresh life into a predominantly brown room, borrowing its beauty from natures own color scheme. Similarly, cohabits well with brown, evoking an autumnal atmosphere.

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Pink artwork will have a warming effect on your home décor, and is perfect for softening the cold hard lines of ultra contemporary pieces.

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Blush tones also look beautiful when teamed with shades of purple and lilac.

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