Sunny Open Plan Limantos Residence

Sunny Open Plan Limantos Residence

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Designed by Brazilian architect Fernanda Marques, the Limantos Residence is a spacious residence with glazed walls that fold away to adjoin the space with a huge sun deck and private swimming pool. Situated in São Paulo, Brazil, the glorious weather plays a large part in this warm open plan design, even inspiring a sunshine yellow bathroom décor scheme.

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A chic laid-back energy flows freely from inside to out at this home, where four out of six enormous glass panels disappear, and fresh air fills the open plan space. A choice of interior and exterior lounge areas make this a great place for entertaining and relaxation.

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From the L shaped architecture, the poolside sun terrace is accessible at two sides, which makes the deck become a useful part of the overall floor space.

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Warm white exterior lighting illuminates the extra external zone into the evenings.

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Huge dual story windows let the natural light flood over the spacious floor plan, giving the subtle interior a joyous feel.

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A large spiral staircase gives winding access to the upper floor, where more glazed walls look down over both the interior and exterior zones below.

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A wooden ceiling gives the lofty space a look of added warmth.

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Large furnishings are kept light, with smaller black accents added for a little depth.

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A contemporary fireplace nestles atop a full room length mantel at one side of the space, to use on cooler nights.

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The sunshine paints the place in a hazy glow.

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A burst of bright yellow shouts from one feature wall, and the hue is continued into the bathroom scheme.

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A long wooden basin spans one wall of the washroom.

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This open-sided staircase appears to climb the trees, and the suspended acrylic bubble chair beneath the treads looks at home amongst the branches too.

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An upstairs sun terrace looks out over a clear blue sky.

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