Hilltop Home in Bel Air

Hilltop Home in Bel Air

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This imposing piece of top notch architecture, designed built by renowned London-based Quinn Architects and Estate Four in 2014, sits on a lush green hill amongst mature trees in Bel Air, California, United States. Its high position in Holmby Hills gives the hugely proportioned property a great panorama of the nearby Hollywood Hills,

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Naturally framed by greenery, the three-level, glass-encased home feels completely private and peacefully secluded in park-like surrounds.

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Filling the 16,000 square foot home are seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, luxurious living rooms, and a spacious contemporary kitchen diner. Outdoor lounges and dining areas extend the practical living space, and with a relaxed indoor-outdoor flow the homeowners can move freely between the two.

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The homes private infinity pool offers a spot of outdoor luxury, where one can take exercise or indulge in relaxation. Alternatively, a bank of sun loungers fill the large poolside deck, where days can be spent basking in the sunshine.

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A long exterior staircase meanders down the side of the grassy hillside, leading to a full-sized astro-turf tennis court with floodlights.

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Outside, the contemporary architecture is bold and crisp.

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A chic main entrance sets the tone for the interior of the home, which leads through to an earth-toned main living room, with 20 ft high ceilings. Glazed walls tower from top to bottom of the lofty proportions, letting bright natural flood in.

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In the kitchen diner, cheerful sunshine yellow dining chairs bring some color to an otherwise white décor scheme. The large array of ice white kitchen cabinets surround a generous central island, which subtly breaks the cooking and dining areas apart. A modern chandelier over the cooking zone adds a special sparkle to the dual use room.

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A gorgeous master bedroom suite, furnished with a modern four poster bed, incorporates a lounge area with neat armchairs and glass coffee tables. Rich-toned wood paneling creates an eye-catching feature of the headboard wall, a shade that is carried through into the bed throws and the dressing table.

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