A Cute Small Home with Beautiful Features

A Cute Small Home with Beautiful Features

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This fabulous tiny gem of a home had us grinning in admiration of every aspect of its perfect little layout – great things really do come in small packages! Designed for a project in Moscow, Russia, by INT2architecture, the 45 square meter single space studio home has been divided into a living room, kitchen and screened-off bedroom area, along with a few other compact surprises along the way...

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The small open plan space has a white shell that is lifted with pretty pastel accents in each neat area.

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The sleep zone has been clearly segregated from the open plan layout by having its floor level raised up on a wooden platform that conceals huge storage drawers to hold the bulkiest items of the home, such as extra pillows and seasonal blankets.

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The few partitions that have been introduced to the home were ‘thickened’ in order to utilize the volumes as built-in closets for the hallway and bedroom. Curtains were used to screen of the wardrobe rather than doors, to save space when open.

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The simple white kitchen has been brought to life with unusual tiles, and the vertical space used to its fullest with the installation of extra tall banks of wall units.

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A bar area has been devised as the dividing wall between the lounge and kitchen areas, complete with quirky blackboard feature wall and flip-up bar surface.

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There is a interior ‘balcony’ where plants can be housed, and where an ingenious–and sweetly minuscule–dining area has been created with modular banquette style seating that is made from repainted army boxes, which also come in handy as extra storage containers. A fold-away table completes the eating area when in use, or lies flat to the wall at other times of the day to allow the seats to be utilized without obstruction.

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This bright little space is decorated with creative bathroom wall decor and eye-catching scrabble style tiles to make the most of its limited size.

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