A Super Minimalist Modern Apartment In White

A Super Minimalist Modern Apartment In White

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We are smitten by this modern minimalists dream of an apartment designed by St.Petersburg based Modom Studio. The design brief for this 89 square meter (958 square feet) involved setting up a living space for a very mobile couple with a special emphasis on absolute use of white, clean design. The studio designed them a solution that not only went above and beyond regarding the color (or the lack of) requirements but also built into the apartment some nifty features like hidden libraries and sliding doors that completely alter its spatial complexion depending on the configuration.

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Modom says the couch was a constant in the design as it was a gift from the client’s parents and a favorite among their family and friends.

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Take away the couch and the electrical accessories here and you would be hard pressed to find a color that is not white here.

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A minimal kitchen that would just be enough for a breakfast, coffee or a light snack is all the owners wanted.

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The couple emphasized the need for a 2 computer workspace setup that is also glare free.

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Don’t let the stark minimalism fool you – the design incorporates ample storage for books and seasonal storage for things like bicycles snowboards and skis.

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