A Modern Apartment Celebrates the Look of Natural Wood

A Modern Apartment Celebrates the Look of Natural Wood

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Wood is one of the most basic materials and can be used in an endless number of ways. But apart from wood floors, many modern designs tend to shy away from the use of too much natural wood. In this apartment, the design team at PartiDesign fully embrace natural grain and beautiful wood finish on virtually every surface. The result is an apartment thats entirely modern but embraces the natural elements.

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This first image from the living room puts the designer’s love of natural-looking wood on full display.

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Using the wood to make tons of shelving is a beautiful – and practical – choice.

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Even the ceiling panel over the dining table is made from smooth, beautiful wood.

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Because the wood on the ceiling, walls, and floor does not match exactly, the effect is warm rather than closed off.

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The wood is sanded and sealed, but not painted over, which lets its natural beauty shine through.

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It’s a perfect choice for an apartment with plenty of natural sunlight.

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Other neutral tones work with the wood – grays, whites, and a few spots of teal.

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The massive custom shelving unit includes built-in drawers for those trinkets that are not quite ready for display.

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In the bedrooms, the wood takes a bit of a break.

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Pretty teal pain opens up the decor in the child’s room.

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While the master bedroom uses a cooler blue.

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The natural grain in the ceiling and dining table really makes the whole apartment feel bigger and even more open than it is.

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Making these shelves black gives a nice contrast and adds visual interest.

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The hanging light fixtures are subtly different for a more playful feel.

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A white buffet could be used for serving, or simple storage.

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Graphic art is easy to swap out and doesn’t make too bold a statement.

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Recessed lighting above the buffet is extremely subtle, but necessary at night.

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The lighting also serves to highlight the hanging art.

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A peek into the kitchen shows us gleaming white decor.

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A mug collection, loving displayed, is nothing short of adorable.

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The mug display creates a perfect coffee nook.

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And bench seating leaves plenty of room for guests.

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This unique wood chair really celebrates the material it’s made from without falling prey to run-of-the-mill design.

Photography from Hey!Cheese.

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