3 Whimsical Apartment Interiors from Sergey Makhno

3 Whimsical Apartment Interiors from Sergey Makhno

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While you could certainly argue that even the most monochromatic interiors are using color in a creative way, there is something particularly satisfying about the bold look of very bright colors, used shamelessly. In these three apartments from designer Sergey Makhno, color and playfulness is in the foreground at every turn. From wild Moroccan-inspired patterns and textured walls to the bold blues of oceanscape paintings, these homes are so full of life they look as though they might start breathing at any moment.

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Working with just 50 square meters (538 square feet), the owner of this first apartment still wanted to be able to incorporate every unique space of a much larger home, including a living room, kitchen, dining area, bedroom, dressing room, library, and sizeable bathroom. With some creative design tricks, Makhno was able to make this happen.

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One of the easiest space saving techniques connected a small dining surface, complete with striking orange kitchen bar stools, to the kitchen area. This way the surface can double as a preparation space for the chef.

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The living room, which is open to the kitchen, is certainly the dominant force in this apartment. Its texture corduroy sofas use bright colors and whimsical patterns to draw the eye from every corner of the rom. The sofa is a modular design from Roche Bobois that can be shifted and reconfigured for different setups, including a cozy guest bed when the need arises.

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The bedroom is tucked away in a small cubby hole that provide plenty of privacy when needed but can also stay open to the rest of the home. The bedroom and living area also both feature a unique 3D accent wall in a copyrighted Sergey Makhno design.

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The second apartment is a 130 square meter (1399 square feet) space located in Kiev. For this design, Makhno was given free reign by a childhood friend to create a warm, and welcoming space with plenty of his trademark color and life.

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Guests in the home are immediately welcomed by the living room to the right, which features a deep plush sofa and is separated from the kitchen and the rest of the house by a partial wood paneled wall. Behind the sofa, the love for color comes into play one again with three vibrant piece inspired by the works of Mark Rothko.

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The designer lamps are also sure to draw the attention. The fixtures in the living room are a design called Zepplin from designer Marcel Wanders. The dining room fixtures are from Tom Dixon’s Beat Light series.

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Upon turning left at the main entrance to the apartment, you would be led down a hallway that contains the private rooms of the home – including bedrooms, bathroom, and a nursery where the use of unique light fixtures certainly carries over.

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The interiors of the bedroom and nursery are simple and clean, with modern angular furniture that serves a purpose without too much ornamentation. Even in the nursery we can see the light fixture theme with a clustered hanging fixture in the center of the room.

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In the last apartment, the colors are much more subdued but we can still see the whimsical, playful influence of the designer. The color of concrete dominates the space, but the contrast of soft textures in the furnishings gives it a much more welcoming feel.

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The dining chairs become a draw with their plush, bulbous design and lovely sky blue color.

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In the bedroom, a low platform bed with white walls and wood flooring is almost zen in its simplicity, both of color and of style.

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The private patio has its own tropical atmosphere with a potted palm and knitted ottomans. It’s a step into the islands without leaving home.

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Finally the bathroom draws us back to the tongue-in-cheek style preferred by this designer with its clever use of wallpaper on the ceiling.

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