7 Inspirational Loft Interiors

7 Inspirational Loft Interiors

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Loft living, once the refuge of eccentric artists who needed space for canvas stretching and the occasional cocktail party, is now indicative of a stylish and affluent lifestyle. The loft interiors in this post are each unique, but manage to embrace the challenges of vaulted ceiling, open floor plans, and an overtly urban atmosphere. Let these stunning interiors inspire you to create your own urban, artsy oasis, no matter where you are.

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  • Architect: Nudesign
This first loft comes from the team at Nudesign and was created for Italian designers Snaidero. The design here takes full advantage of sunlight streaming in from floor-to-ceiling windows.

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Perhaps the most unique design feature of this particular loft is the patchwork wall treatment that creates a quilted look on the kitchen wall and spills down onto the floor. This design element also serves to separate the kitchen space from the other parts of the apartment, which is always a challenge in loft style living.

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Using the ample vertical space for storage, without covering up the marvelous windows, it another way to take advantage of the loft architecture.

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  • Designer: Arrital Cucine
In the second loft home, luxury and sleek modernism take the place of the quirky elements in the first home. This design comes from the Italy-based team of Arrital Cucine.

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Using natural, unpainted wood and neutral grays and whites, the design gives the impression of minimalism while still including plenty of features and furnishings. The Overhead light fixtures spread out like broken umbrellas and serve to make the space and it’s massive ceilings a bit less daunting.

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  • Designer: Mothiform
The third loft is not quite as spacious but still feels open and airy, thanks to carefully chosen design elements such as a suspended staircase, simple, open kitchen storage, and a minimalist wood crate sofa.

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The upstairs bedroom sits much closer to the ceiling and stays true to the neutral color scheme established in the main living area.

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  • Designer: Dragon Art
In this next loft, the neutral palette is taken to the extreme with monochromatic pizzazz. This 3D modeled apartment features a lower level living area and upstairs mezzanine with bedroom, closet, and bath.

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The striking loft was designed by the team at Dragon Art for a an active young couple that spends weekends on long bike rides and would cherish the simplicity and fashion of this loft look.

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  • Visualizer: Piotr Czech
The final three loft concepts come from visualizer Piotr Czech, each with its own modern spin on a loft-style space.

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The first is close to an open floor plan home without some of the industrial elements that tend to invade a loft style design. Again, cool neutral tones bend towards the masculine and modern, keeping the space simple and comfortable.

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In the second space, exposed red brick and a winding metal staircase are, in contrast, decidedly industrial. Graphic wall art adds a bit of decorative whimsy to the downstairs living area as well.

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The final loft concept has a bit more color than the previous entries, with a particular focus on red and pinks. The understair storage draws are a practical and stylish way to add much needed concealed storage in an otherwise open design.

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