Aviation Inspiration and Superhero Dreams in a Quirky Tainan Home

Aviation Inspiration and Superhero Dreams in a Quirky Tainan Home

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A happy marriage requires communication and compromise. That idea must carry through not only things as simple as what you will have for dinner but as complex as what your home will look like. This home in Tainan, from Ivan House Design, draws a large amount of inspiration from the husbands occupation, it also pays heed to the cozy, natural preferences of the wife. While we are not surprised to see another creative effort from these designers, one look inside it sure to demonstrate just how willing they are to think a little bit outside of the box to make a space that truly meets their clients needs.

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Upon first entering the house, guests will see a lovely bright blue wall, sunlight, and classic white bricks. This beautiful mise en scene is instantly warm and welcoming. The natural element, which draws some inspiration from Nordic interior design, comes into play with a forest green accent wall as well as indoor plants including ferns and succulents.

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Far from becoming a kitschy theme, the superhero elements are subtle and stylish. From the hanging superhero masks to the Captain America shield that appears to be wedged into the wall, there are pops of this fandom throughout. But even the Captain America shield is actually a hall light, turning even the most stylized elements into something practical. If you are a fan of superhero elements like these, do check out our post: Superhero Home Decor

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The truly unique portions of the home are drawn from both the aviation industry and the owner’s love of all things comic book. The kitchen table in particular, styled to look like the wing of a plane, draws the eye and gives the space an industrial feel – expertly matched with warehouse style swivel bar stools.

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The bedroom features a simple platform bed, made from light colored wood and including easy to access storage underneath. Combined with bright blue footlockers in the living room and a cool chrome pegboard, the designers turned storage into another style element.

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Overall, the combination of color, texture, and just a bit of whimsy creates a home that is not only comfortable and unique, but one that truly speaks to the personality of the people who live there, which should be any designer’s goal.

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