Three Sleek Apartments Under 1500 square feet from All In Studio (Includes floor plans)

Three Sleek Apartments Under 1500 square feet from All In Studio (Includes floor plans)

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All In Studio is a Bulgarian architecture, interior, and product design firm. The team at All In Studio is extremely talented in creating spaces that are beautiful, sleek, and most importantly that meet the needs of their clients. The three homes features in this post do just that. Each has a modern floor plan which is unique in its own way and representative of the impressive work coming out of All In. Have a look.

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The first apartment featured in this post has been termed “The LOVE Apartment” because it was the results of two neighbors falling in love. When they decided it was time to move in together, rather than find a new place they chose to combine their two apartments. The final combined apartment measures 100 square meters (1080 square feet) and feels quite open from start to finish. Most of the furniture was custom built for the home, using natural, affordable materials. With the new space, the team was also able to add a nursery, which will certainly come in handy for these lovebirds.

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The second apartment, located in Sophia, is much smaller at 55 square meters (592 square feet) but leaves plenty of room for its occupant, who is a young single man. The bedroom is kept separate from the living space with heavy curtains that can open and close, giving each area its own enclosed feeling when necessary. However, the color theme carries through the different rooms so that every piece still manages to feel connected. The pretty teal blues are none too feminine but also do not have the harsh, dark edge that some ‘masculine’ designs can have.

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The last apartment in this post is bigger at 135 square meters (1453 square feet). Like the first apartment, plenty of natural wood kept costs low but still looks beautiful. Dark slate furniture and walls have a calming effect while scattered lighting is only necesary at night since so much sunlight streams in during the day. The nursery created in this space is also ultra modern, leaving plenty of room for growth as the child gets older.

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