A Warm Stone Exterior Houses an Intimate Residence

A Warm Stone Exterior Houses an Intimate Residence

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In the forests of Guatemala, there is no shortage of scenery. Even in the heart of Guatemala City, four volcanoes are visible. Although this home is tucked away, removed from the bustle of the capital, it has the same spectacular scapes and indeed the building, from architect Solis Colomer, is largely informed by the nature that surrounds it. With windows reaching from ground to ceiling to sky, nature provides a backdrop for even the most banal daily activities while the human interaction with the landscape creates its own view of sorts.

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The home is open, airy, and bright but actually has considerable more division than many other contemporary or ultramodern homes. The rooms are separated from one another, demanding intimacy from anyone ensconced together in one or the other.

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The bare wood floors and exposed ceiling beams never given an unfinished feeling in the home’s interior. Rather they suggest a warmth and fluidity between the interior and the surrounding forests.

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In addition to the rooms that are to be expected in any home – living space, kitchen, dining area – this house also includes a private art gallery, allowing for the occupants to put their favorite pieces on bold display. That space includes a landing that overlooks the works and a vaulted ceiling taking up the entire space from ground level to second story.

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There is no denying the heart of this home. The kitchen is vibrant and pulsating with red accents, colorful tiles and an open dining space that begs for visitors to stay a bit longer and have another drink.

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The unfinished stone exterior does not, of course, blend perfectly with the lush green landscape but instead gives the impression of being carved out of the earth. Even the splashes of red seem at home in the tropical surroundings with brightly colored flowers and plants as part of the landscape. Further, the red window frames act as frames for the interior of the home, actually inviting those outside to look in. Cut outs in the exterior concrete and stone provide another way to frame and flow between the outside and the inhabitants.

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