Micro Home Design: Super Tiny Apartment of 18 Square Meters

Micro Home Design: Super Tiny Apartment of 18 Square Meters

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The next time you find yourself wishing you had more counter space in your bathroom or making the excuse that you just dont have room in your house to workout, think about this micro home. Designed for an athletic weightlifter and visualized by One Studio, this apartment measures only 18 square meters (less than 200 square feet). But despite the miniscule size, there is space for exercising, sleeping, relaxing, and working.

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The main way that this micro home is able to fit so many different areas into the tiny square footage is the vaulted ceilings, which measure 5 meters (more than 16 feet) high. This nearly doubles the available space because it allows the home to have a completely separate bedroom that is lofted above the main living area.

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The living room, with a small exercise space and huge windows, feels quite spacious considering its actual measurements. A lack of really large furniture (e.g., no entertainment center and a fairly small custom built sofa) means there is actually some empty floor to move around or even exercise.

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We will say that this is not the house for a gourmet chef. A tiny kitchen space provides a cooktop and microwave, but you would be hard pressed to make a meal for more than two in the cozy cooking nook.

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The upstairs lofted bedroom is surprisingly spacious. Plenty of room for a large bed and also a small home office area overlooking the main living room. The room doesn’t even suffer from the loft issues of many spaces with this type of design in that the ceilings are high enough you can actually stand up and move around comfortably, as if it were a full second level.

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While the bathroom is naturally small, it still allows for a washing machine and a luxurious tiled shower stall. Overall, this tiny home is quite cute and cozy, really lacking for nothing apart from perhaps a bit more closet space and a full sized fridge.

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