Loft Design For A Family That Makes Clever Use Of Its Space

Loft Design For A Family That Makes Clever Use Of Its Space

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Even people who love the idea of loft living might consider it great for themselves but wouldnt deign to bring a child into that kind of concrete and metal atmosphere. However, as this brilliant space from the architects at Rules Architekti shows, with the right elements and design sensibility, a loft can be totally appropriate and comfortable for a family.

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The loft is divided into two distinct area: one for day and one for night. The open flow of the home, including vaulted ceilings and a ladder for reaching lofted bookshelves, is warm and welcoming. Part of this is due to the layout while part is due to the carefully selected materials. Natural pine makes up the wall and floor paneling and its warmth is immediately apparent. The rest of the space is bedecked mainly in black and white, keeping things neutral and a bit cheerful.

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The main living area is large and airy, with plenty of seating in both the dining and living areas. Instead of mounting the flat panel television to a wall (which would certainly ruin the openness of the space to some extent), it’s placed on a swivel that’s attached to a support column. This way, the screen can pivot to play to the living room or to the dining area, for maximum versatility. Of course, the rest of the unsightly electronics like a computer and stereo are also cleverly placed – in kitchen cabinets and hidden inside the sofa. This lets the feel clean and comfortable rather than cluttered.

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The mezzanine with bookshelves takes advantage of the tall ceilings and even includes a reading area. While some spaces might tuck a bed in this area, that wouldn’t exactly be family friendly.

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The private area of the house includes two bedrooms and one and a half baths. The master bedroom features a large closet space that covers an entire wall for plenty of room. Dangling lights in front of each door offer an aesthetic element as well as a practical one.

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For its part, the kitchen is quite spacious. Pots and pans are easily tucked away in lower cabinets while a gorgeously colorful backsplash draws focus above the sleek cooking surface. The countertop looks out over the city for a particularly lovely way to spend a while preparing a meal for the whole family.

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