Chic Studio Apartments with Artsy Accents

Chic Studio Apartments with Artsy Accents

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Studio apartment living is perfect for people who love simplicity. When there are no spare bedrooms or closets to pile full of junk you can truly have a more peaceful life, free from the burden of excesses. But just because a studio is smaller and simpler doesnt mean it lacks style, as these spaces prove. Studios can be beautiful, serene, and inspirational in the hands of the right designer.

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  • Designer: Ilya Taslitskiy
The first space we’re featuring is a multi-functional studio built for musicians in Kiev. It’s not hard to see how the artistic influence of music makers has infiltrated the modern design. From a drum kit set up in the streaming sunlight to creative wall hangings throughout – not to mention the truly bizarre captivating reclined body light fixture in the dining area – the space has its own little artistic touches that are meant to inspire creativity. Of course, acoustics are essential for musicians as well, so the hardwood floors and simple angles are also important to note.

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  • Architect: 081arch
The next space is much smaller and even simpler, driving the point home with an ultra simple poster that explains “All You Need is Less.” From creamy white walls to light wood flooring and cabinetry, the studio uses the simplest colors and easiest textures to ensure that what’s most important about the home is the people who live in it – not the expensive things it holds.

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  • Visualizer: Tomas Sciskala
This studio takes more of a form of a traditional apartment, rather than taking too many liberties with its design. The small space features a cozy dining area, a small kitchen, and a living room that can convert to a bedroom with just the removal of a few pillows.

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  • Architect: Anastasia Bloshchynska
This studio loft is so warm in tone it seems to jump of the screen and wrap you in its electric orange blanket. From painted bricks to overstuffed pillows, its a space meant for relaxation, entertainment, and jubilation. What it lacks in square footage it certainly makes up for in personality.

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  • Architect: Ledia Mino
Perhaps the most notable feature of this sleek studio design is its creative use of walls. The dining room is not separated by a door, but instead it is almost framed by an indoor window due to the wall that extends from the entryway and over the top of the kitchen. The wood paneling inside this space also serves as a separator.

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  • Architect: DA Architects
The final apartment is located in Saint Petersburg, though its colorful and creative interior would not belie the punishing Russian winters. A lovely blue sofa acts as a focal point while pointed dining chairs and plenty of creative artwork along the walls give a distinct impression of unique style.

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