50 Sq Meter Space Saving Apartment Layout For Young Family

50 Sq Meter Space Saving Apartment Layout For Young Family

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Its one thing to extol the virtues of small, simple living for an artist or a young couple, but it is an entirely different challenge to make a minimalist space work for a family with a teenager. Still, architect Piotr Matuszek has done a tremendous job of taking a space that measures just 50 square meters (538 square feet) and creating a home that is both stylish and comfortable for a three-person family - and even offers plenty of storage. Lets see how it was done.

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Storage was a key concern for this family as they have a tendency to acquire things and need a simple place to put them. They were also insistent on closed storage areas to hide clutter away from guests and keep the aesthetics of the space clean and orderly. The majority of the storage is hidden along one wall in the main living area, which both makes it easy to access and does not create any conflict between the mostly open spaces.

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A large sofa in the living room exists atop a platform, underneath which is hidden a double bed that slides out at night. The living room also includes a workspace, nestled amid the storage areas in the walls.

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Simple furniture selections show tremendous restraint. Although a multipurpose lift top coffee table could have provided more hidden storage, the streamlined design used here preserves that light and airy atmosphere that makes this living room so distinctively appealing.

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A cozy dining area and kitchen complete the main living area, with plenty of preparation and eating space for a family of three. The yellow accents in the kitchen – in the form of a bright yellow sink and decorative fruit bowl – are carried throughout the otherwise black and white house. The result is a space that feels bigger than it is, but still has an edge of playfulness.

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The teenage daughter does indeed get to have her own room with its own comfortable spaces, including a sofa that easily converts into a bed at night and a desk for her studies. The colors of the home carry into the teenager’s room with an emphasis on white and a few pops of bright yellow.

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