4 Homes Using Concrete as a Stylish Accent

4 Homes Using Concrete as a Stylish Accent

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The effect of exposed concrete can run the gamut from cold and institutional to playful and artistic. It may not be for everyone, but concrete does add a unique texture and atmosphere to a space. If not done correctly, it can feel unfinished, as if you forgot the drywall. But in the hands of the right designer - and with the right room built around it - concrete can be an awesomely stylish element.The four homes featured here are different in their approach to the concrete, but that should be all the better for getting you inspired.

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  • Visualizer: Anthony Kalambet
This creative space reminds us of the Ex Machina House. It is a bit dark and certainly masculine in its style. Still, the use of texture throughout, from the soft furnishings to the stone exterior walls, creates a bit of warmth. There is also an element of man vs nature in the design, with an interior vertical garden as well as natural wood juxtaposed against plenty of concrete and glass.

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  • Visualizer: Dmitriy Voytsitskiy
The next home is quite a bit brighter than the first and the concrete element quite a bit more subtle. This open home has an eclectic, artsy feel to it, including such quirky elements as mismatched dining chairs and a tree trunk coffeetable. The concrete wall, rather than looking unfinished, is decidedly purposeful. It is used for its color and texture rather than its gritty masculinity. In fact, here it could even be described as pretty.

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  • Visualizer: Jakub Komrska
This next home leans more towards the typical industrial concrete feel. The concrete itself is unfinished, unsealed, imperfect. One accent wall winds its way into the kitchen, matching up against a concrete kitchen island, complete with porch swing barstools. The overall feel of this loft style apartment is one part hipster, two parts modern Warhol retreat.

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  • Visualizer: Anna Karpuk
The final home has a warm, modern, fashionable feel. The concrete element nearly disappears, becoming a stunning backdrop for carefully chosen city-themed art. The other design elements in the space are not at all industrial (apart from perhaps the tentacled light fixture). Dark and light grays along with pops of pattern and some subtle color create a totally welcoming atmosphere that is just waiting for company.

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