Two Sophisticated Luxury Apartments In NY (Includes Floor Plans)

Two Sophisticated Luxury Apartments In NY (Includes Floor Plans)

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If you’re looking for inspiring homes, New York has plenty of hidden gems. This post examines two sprawling luxury apartments with meticulously staged interiors worth admiring. While both have several themes in common (stylish metallic accents, classic furniture) each one incorporates these elements within a different architectural background. For example, the first retains its industrial framework while the second boasts original Art Deco details. Whether you dream of owning your own NY penthouse or just need ideas for your next renovation, this post delivers.

This gorgeous 4,871 square foot apartment occupies a duplex space atop Walker Tower. The modern interior respects the traditional architectural details, incorporating many of the Art Deco details original to the 1930s tower. The interior staging offers a nod to the building’s history as well: metallic accents and blocky geometric patterns are abundant throughout, and contrasting black and white themes seamlessly alternate with calm natural palettes.

Inspired brass furniture reinforces the Art Deco flair present in the building’s classical features like the intricate ceiling, black chevron floors, and the breath-taking staircase.

Geometric details continue the theme but in a more subdued way. This angle demonstrates something unique about the floors, how several thin tracks of chevron flooring break up the space between window bench and the dining room.

This apartment occupies a generous 6,471 square foot floor plan centered on a great room with a double-height ceiling, its lovely neutral interior flooded with light from windows that span the 17’5″ walls. The current design maintains the characteristic industrial details from the property’s former life, setting the stage for a glamorous modern interior in line with today’s minimalist tastes. Track lighting, spectacular modern chandeliers, and eye-catching artwork offer abundant interior decor inspiration.

The main volume consists of a living area and a full dining room. Brass and silver details bring elegance to the streamlined decor staging. Sweeping gossamer curtains give the wandering mind something to appreciate from every angle.

Sculptures line the walls, their short pedestals offering a unique counterbalance to the high ceilings. In the background, Gino Sarfatti’s iconic 1958 chandeliers hang above the table.

Set in a more private area, this cozy breakfast nook and small living space make up the perfect ingredients for a casual suite. The group of copper pendants reinforces the luxurious accents throughout the house.

The media room remains simple but continues the trend of metallic accents. This layout is practical and feels laid back yet every detail stands out.

Reaching into the industrial roots of the property, this kitchen uses fascinating chairs and rolling tables to reinforce the steel theme of the appliances. The pendant lamp ties it all together.

Elsewhere, concrete decor reinforces the industrial context as well. The stairs have a dark and unpolished look to them – another holdback from the property’s manufacturing context.

A sculptural Serge Mouille three-arm chandelier serves as the primary overall lighting for this refined bedroom. The silky wooden wall panels behind the headboard serve as a good blank canvas for self-expression.

What an inspiring material theme for a bathroom! Relaxing cream tiles bring warmth to the floor, decorated by an ornate medallion with a round pendant centered overhead. The famous bench is a design by George Nelson.

The lowest floor is an open space with dramatic exposed beams. It’s ready to become a gallery or creative space but it has the bones to become anything: office, gym, bedrooms, etc.

Nothing says “home” like classic brick.

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