Small Apartments That Go Big With Bold Decor Themes

Small Apartments That Go Big With Bold Decor Themes

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Compact spaces are a satisfying source of challenge for interior designers. When you can practically see every room from any location in the home, it immediately becomes obvious why many small apartment residents opt for safe and neutral decor. The homes featured in this post take a daring approach – embracing bold color themes and creative decor despite their limited floor plans. Whether you need inspiration for your efficient apartment or just want ideas for a single room, these interiors offer unique ideas to consider.

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  • Architect: KDVA Architects
This small apartment definitely doesn’t shy away from the adventure of a bold decor theme. Violet, lavender, and bright fire engine red define the interior – thanks to careful decorating techniques. Bright colors are difficult to work into a constricted space. So even if you don’t personally love the colors, the composition techniques are still worth studying.

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Risky design decisions really paid off. Textured walls, bright furniture, and extensive contrast all command admiration.

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The gem tone inspiration isn’t understated – the central rug says it all.

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Purple-tinted acrylic panels separate the kitchen and dining areas from the living room proper. Decals featuring a cherry tomato and a silver fork embrace pop art influence.

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The black divider in the open living space helps to conceal the bedroom. A purple cushion serves as the perfect backrest, making this space just as comfortable in the daytime as it is at night.

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  • Architect: Stanislav Kaminskyi
This open layout living room works around a unique arrangement: the dining table sits directly between the sofa and the television. Low-profile furniture makes it possible to enjoy the television from anywhere in the living area.

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Some may find the table’s arrangement too distracting, but it might be a nice choice for residents that entertain dinner guests more often than they watch television.

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Plush but also sculptural, the incredibly unique dining chairs are from the Serpentine Collection by Éléonore Nalet.

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A sliding door conceals the bedroom for privacy and to reduce the appearance of visual clutter in the small living room.

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The kitchen also enjoys the privacy of a sliding door. Its charmingly imperfect tile walls are a wonderful complement for the smooth wood panels.

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As far as compact kitchen layouts go, this design is especially functional and totally worth of emulating.

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Low-profile design ensures the bedroom furniture doesn’t look too “out of place” next to the living room selection.

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It’s the definition of coziness with a wall-to-wall mattress. The accompanying padded platform extends its function as a seat, a table, or just a step up to the bed.

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Do you remember the unique grout work in the kitchen? The same purposefully imperfect wall tiles transform the bathroom into an interesting crossover between modernism and urban industrial.

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Varied textures enliven an otherwise very straightforward bathroom design. Wood cabinetry jumps out from the greyscale decor to anchor the design.

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  • Designer: Alexander Yukhimets
Warm interior lighting and comfortable furniture plays a defining role in this modern urban apartment design. While a concrete cladding might otherwise feel too severe in an apartment as small as this one, glass walls allow each area to interact with the others for a more spacious and carefree aesthetic. Curtains accommodate privacy when needed.

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Smooth wood floors make the interior feel more welcoming. The office skips the wood floor in favor of a fully greyscale theme.

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Decorated with glass and concrete, wire and wood – perfectly industrial but surprisingly cozy.

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  • Visualizer: Viktor Kuznetsov
With a floor plan of just 39 square meters, this apartment interior has to accomplish a lot of functionality with very little space. Even with a compact floor plan, the designer didn’t back down from an interesting decor theme – striking textures and dramatic lighting makes the interior feel flashy but approachable.

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Lighting bathes the concrete walls and smooth cabinetry from all sides. Paired with linear architecture, the light becomes an organic decor staple in its own right.

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  • Designer: Roy Fredy
This interior fits the living room, dining room, and kitchen into a floor plan the size of a medium bedroom. A lovely variety of smooth wood tones makes the apartment feel warm and welcoming – a natural decor theme that remains easy on the eyes.

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In such a small space, every decor object carries an even greater weight. This home uses simple colorful prints to great effect.

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Many designers naturally shy away from large artwork in a compact apartment, but this apartment’s chalk-art style mural was too fun to pass up.

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The kitchen layout is especially inspiring. The dining nook doubles as extra workspace while preparing meals, extending the functionality of existing prep surfaces.

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It could easily transform into a handy work desk too, especially if the resident isn’t the type to get distracted by the presence of a television.

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Light wood, white countertops, and a matte black backsplash make up the surprisingly bold kitchen palette.

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You could practically reach any surface from the center of the room. For small living enthusiasts, this space makes perfect sense.

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Personal spaces like the bathroom and bedroom all reside down the hallway.

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With a partial headboard wall, the bed enjoys a touch of comforting privacy even while the door is open.

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It’s small, compact, efficient, and still remains stylish.

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