Three Cozy Colorful Modern Apartments

Three Cozy  Colorful Modern Apartments

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When designing a space how do you use bright colors while making the home cozy? These three apartments embrace unique color schemes but still look inviting and warm. Shades like red, blue, and green are all used in moderation against other neutrals. Two of the three apartments embraced wall colors. By painting the walls, the spaces were given a backdrop of color to build upon. The last home opted to add a colorful rug and other accessories. Materials used also added to the “cozy” factor. Leather couches, tweed furniture, and blankets make the living rooms a place you don’t want to leave!

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  • Visualizer: Dmitry Tisnoguz
This stylish living room is made up of two parts-the living space and the dining space. The metal pendents above the dining table zone it as a different space and so does the platform. The green wall matches the greenery in the corner.

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There’s no need to add extra frilly accents in this apartment. The black television and red shelving above are simple and minimal. Red art pieces and trendy speakers make the room perfect for a man in his early twenties.

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Looking from the kitchen to the living room and dining room, you can see there are stainless steel barstools and a wine rack. The barstools are worked into the rest of the room by having red cushions added to them.

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A green wall is risky in a smaller space but it works in this home. By adding the light wood wall and white wall the green isn’t too dominate.

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Bright white chairs contrast with the natural wood grain of the walls and black pendents above the dining table. The pop of color in this room is the flower arrangement in the center of the table.

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A kitchen such as this one can be described as eclectic. There is a green wall, dark wood wall, gray wall, and mixed color cabinets. All the muted colors work together and the red stands out on the cabinet and pendent lights.

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More red is brought into this small kitchen with the cabinet on the other side of the room and the red pot on the stove. The tiling is honeycombed and interesting. By keeping it neutral, it works.

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  • Visualizer: Dmitry Tisnoguz
This next space is a two level apartment in Nizhny Novgorod. Even though it’s tight, the colors and use of different wall colors make it look larger. Your eye is drawn to the back of the room, which makes it seem longer. There are wooden shelves that go up to the ceiling and hold accents.

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Storage runs alongside the wall and gives the homeowner a chance to hide away books or other items. The gray couch is simple, but accented with the red legged coffee table and greenery behind it.

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Blue walls don’t make this room feel too closed in. By painting the two doors in the room blue, the walls seem to stretch out. Under-the-cabinet lighting is used to break up the monotony of the kitchen.

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From this photograph, you can see the blue door contrasts well with the red cushions on the barstools. The tiled floor is quirky.

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The top of the cabinets in a kitchen don’t always have to match the bottom! In this kitchen, the bottom set is black and the top is brown. The look is contrasting and fun. It’s brought together by the honeycomb floor tile. The white wall behind the cabinets lightens up the rest of the room.

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An entryway can hold multiple things for you! This storage system works all the way around the door. Instead of taking up too much floor space, everything is stored vertically. Having spotlights on it makes it feel like an art piece of its own.

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This master bedroom allows the accents to bring the bright colors into the space. There is a green accent wall above the bed which is then accented by modern art. A red side table on one side adds a pop of color. The rest of the room is neutral.

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This bedroom is cozy and cute. The black bookshelf makes you look deeper into the room. Although it’s narrow, it’s set up to make the most of the space. A TV is mounted on the wall to give the owner more foot room.

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Sometimes in a smaller home you have to make rooms work double duty. This bedroom is also an office. You can see the back wall has a desk and bookshelves. it’s best that this space is separate from the bed and other zones in the room.

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Quirky accents like these orange and yellow birds make this home playful and not too serious. Although it has excellent design, it’s not too pretentious to have a laugh.

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A child’s bedroom can be a room and an office. This space has both sides of the room painted a bright teal. This color is then accented with a yellow chair. An educational and visually interesting map of the world is above the small bed.

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Another angle of the bedroom shows fun hanging lights and the perfect place to complete homework. There is a typography art print of the alphabet which also brings in more colors like yellow, green, and orange.

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A small lego creation reminds the kids to have fun and always be learning in this space.

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The bathroom has a base of white tile and then adds moody grays and books for color accents.

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In this image, you can see that above the toilet there is a built-in shelving space. Brightly bound books are placed on it as well as a small planter. These things add color and interest to the bathroom.

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  • Designer: Phuong Vo
Gray walls in this colorful apartment are balanced by a fun rug and a red lounge chair. Two pieces of art are hung on one side of the room and a gold pendent balances the rest out.

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When looking back the other direction, you can see that there is a white media wall that houses the T.V. The wooden shelf under it matches the wooden doors to the rest of the home. The most colorful item in the space is the rug.

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Instead of adding a light that took away from the view outdoors, the designer chose to use a metal pendent that allowed light to flow through it. The darkness of the left wall contacts with the white wall on the right side. It’s all brought together by the natural light and fun rug.

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This kitchen uses canned lighting to draw your attention upwards to the higher ceiling. The view from outside carries into this space and adds green colors to the white kitchen. There’s enough room to sneak in a nice table and chairs with a light above it.

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A bedroom that’s tiny doesn’t have to be crowded. This bedroom proves that you can make the most of your space. The bed is off to one side so the homeowner can access their closet.

  • 28 |
Another apartment bedroom has a vast white space above the bed. This is accented then with floating shelves and brightly colored accents. Light from the large windows is reflected by the white closet on the right side.

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Lastly, a small TV is mounted across from the bed so the owner can relax and enjoy a show in the evening. The wooden door contrasts well with the white closet system.

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