50 Unique Kids Night Lights That Make Bedtime Fun and Easy

50 Unique Kids Night Lights That Make Bedtime Fun and Easy

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It’s after 9pm, and it’s that time that all parents dread at one stage in their lives. Bedtime. It sounds simple – and it can be easier, with the right night light as your little helper. Round, cutesy and shaped in the form of characters or animals, we’ve put together a list of the top fifty night lights we’d choose for our children. Keep a row of lit-shell tortoises, to entertain guests at your kids’ sleepover parties. Place a glowing elephant beside your child’s bed, gifting a friend they can safely cuddle to sleep. Help your son fight night monsters, with a Hulk or Batman light warding off evil. Help all of the household get to sleep faster, with our kids’ array of night lights.

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