A Summer Ready Home Perfect For Your Dream Vacation

A Summer Ready Home Perfect For Your Dream Vacation

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Ah summer. What a wonderful time to be alive! It is the time when nature is at its finest and the best vacation plans can occur. To have a truly special summer vacation, you will need a few things. A great destination. Some plans. And, last but not least, a beautiful home to spend it in. Sound great? Of course it does. Well, KYDE Architects has something that fits the description of a perfect summer home in their vast and stylish arsenal of designs. In fact, this home is perfect for any summer vacation, or even the homeowner who wants to capture the essence of summer year round.

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To enjoy the summer scene, the house uses wide open windows to make the most of panoramic views.

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The monochromatic complements the natural views and make it able to incorporate organic elements.

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A beautiful and contemporary fireplace that makes a beautiful focal point- the stacked firewood completing the picture.

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The home entertainment system means that you won’t always need to leave the house for something to do, and the indoor plants give you a taste of summer without having to go anywhere.

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The black and white dining room is sleek and sophisticated. The hanging mini pendant lights are delicate touch that adds to the aesthetic.

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The unique staircase design takes centre stage in this area of the home, giving the house a certain artistic chic.

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A designer chair looks more like a contemporary sculpture than a place to rest, and is joined by various other artistic pieces that give this room an effortlessly stylish finish.

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These creative seats are perfectly nestled under the hallway cupboard, they’re a creative touch and an innovative place to rest.

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The houseplants are a breath of fresh air in this refined room.

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The wooden cabinets add to the sleek aesthetic, giving the kitchen a warm and homely appeal.

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The main bedroom is an idyllic retreat, the monochromatic scheme making it look warm and inviting while the furniture finishes the cosy aura.

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Black and white kitchen designs are efortlessly stylish and look incredibly unique. The natural features add dimension to the room and prevent it from becoming boring.

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The bathroom is a marble marvel, every part is designed to be absolutely opulent and comfortable.

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Contrasting walls add depth to the room and makes the small bathroom look bigger.

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The built in shelves are a subtle way of adding storage space, and he luxurious amenities make the bathroom look like a summer retreat all on their own.

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The shower looks more like a resplendent waterfall instead of a traditional shower. This is arguably the most luxurious aspect of the whole house.

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