A Sprawling Modern Home in Bangkok

A Sprawling Modern Home in Bangkok

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When every member of a family has a space for themselves that reflects their personality, a house is just more comfortable. Of course, an expansive floorplan and high end interior design are certainly helpful, but it is the personalities that are imbued in the different rooms, while still maintaining a unifying feel, that really make this house stunning. While Bangkok may be best known for its busy streets and frantic pace, this house is a serene sliver of life. And from the architects at ForX Design Studio and photographer Tinnaphop Chawatin, were allowed to step inside and explore the luxury.

  • 1 |
Starting with the exterior of the house, the design embodies luxury and space.

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Two stories with the second level cantilevered out over a back deck gives a stunning impression from the street.

  • 3 |
The second level has its own outdoor space as well.

  • 4 |
An intimate chat poolside is still possible, despite the square footage.

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Of course, another couple may be having a similar chat just behind you and you’ll never hear a word.

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From the outside, you can enter the house through a outdoor stairwell, perfect for Bangkok’s warm weather.

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Once inside, it’s easy to see the modern luxury theme that the interior latches onto.

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The public spaces of the building are unsurprisingly quite spacious, with large, luxurious furnishings.

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These spaces also adhere to a mostly neutral color scheme, as evidenced by this black and copper kitchen and dining area.

  • 10 |
Springs of green make for an unsubtle contrast to the dark colors of this particular room.

  • 11 |
Moving into the private areas of the home, neutral continues to reign in this gray bedroom.

  • 12 |
A private workspace includes simple but luxurious details.

  • 13 |
In another living area, plush furniture and a modern chandelier finished in gold indicate a love for comfort and class.

  • 14 |
Warm brown leather makes for a tasteful and timeless sofa.

  • 15 |
Another dining space is a bit warmer with wood providing contrast to black fixtures.

  • 16 |
Of course, the outdoors also plays an important role with large windows and sliding doors making access easier.

  • 17 |
In another bedroom, more gray, this time put alongside its companions of black and white.

  • 18 |
The bedroom is comfortable and modern if not bursting with personality.

  • 19 |
An adjacent room is a bit softer in tone with overhead lighting casting a warm and inviting glow over the space.

  • 20 |
And what home office area would be complete without some version of an Eames chair?

  • 21 |
Color hasn’t been banned from this home, as we can see in this playful blue bedroom sporting superhero themed decor.

  • 22 |
Exposed Edison lightbulbs are a trendy addition, too.

  • 23 |
For a more rustic vibe, this living area includes an antler chandelier — giving it a decidedly different tone from the gold fixtures we already saw.

  • 24 |
Pressed flowers make for a feminine and artistic touch.

  • 25 |
Color comes into play again with this lovely teal space that takes full advantage of natural light.

  • 26 |
A pink bedroom is not exactly a rare sight, but a repetition of the exposed bulbs and some scalloping on the headboard make it a pretty one.

  • 27 |
Where pink can feel too young to some, a vibrant purple has some of the same feminine beauty while being a touch more grown up.

  • 28 |
The exterior greenery of this space cannot be overstated.

  • 29 |
Careful landscaping matches with the natural greenery of the locale.

  • 30 |
Trees and sidewalks make for a welcoming space surrounding the home.

  • 31 |
A creative use of grass makes things a bit more interesting than solid slabs of sod.

  • 32 |
Paving stones add an artistic and practical element.

  • 33 |
Outdoor gathering spaces go beyond the poolside chairs to gazebos and even suspended stones that dangle over moats.

  • 34 |
At night time, there is no substitute for a quiet night by the pool.

  • 35 |
In the shadow of this beautiful house, nothing could be more relaxing.

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